A Big Day Wedding Invitations, Posters, Post Cards & Magnets

Take a view at the Wedding Invitations, Posters, Post Cards & Magnets I created for our wedding!

a-big-day-wedding-invitations-etc-bannerOn June 7th, 2014 my wife Suzy and I were married in Bowling Green, Ohio in front of our friends and family.  As mentioned on my “A Big Day Wedding Website” build we were planning every part of our wedding 1,500 miles away in Phoenix, Arizona while the both of us were working full time (plus some).  Suzy found the place online, but knew of it because she was originally from the area.  Once I saw it too I knew she had picked just the perfect spot.  It was called Cla-zel Theatre / Cla-zel Entertainment.  To set the scene a little, picture the 1900’s, then picture a center stage, open area for seating, dual levels on both sides of the stage to perch upon, brick walkways and an area in the back perfect for a spot light.

Being from Southern Michigan, I’ve never visited or even heard of the place so I didn’t really know too much about it until I found this little handy tool from Google Maps street view.

One night while Suzy and I were having our nightly chat we tried to come up with a theme that would be a little different than the weddings we’ve attended.  We’ve gone to a few so we knew what we liked, what we thought may take too much time and things that we may want to change up a little.  Throughout this process I should mention that Suzy and I have been together for 8 years.  We knew we were going to get married and we now knew we had a stage to do it.

Since the place was an older place I thought we should go with a more rustic feel to our invitations and also do something a little differently (all the while assessing the costs) and came up with a post card for our “Save the Date”.  Similar to a poster from the earlier times, I created a mini version of it for the front.  The back has a little text, area for us to fill in the address as well as a cool red and blue band around the outsides.  I then used this same concept for the remainder of the print & web materials.

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Invitations – For the wedding invitations I thought we could have a program of sorts.  I really wanted to get custom tube boxes and roll the invitation up with a little string or ribbon, but finding those things are possible if you have a larger budget.  Instead we came up with the next best thing which is a fold over invitation.  It houses the “Cast” which include the us, the best man, maid of honor, etc.  It also had a ticket that was held on at all four corners, a website URL, a QR code and on the back is the menu and a little note about lodging and travel accommodations.

Posters – The front of the Cla-zel has those old poster boxes for the theater to post the newest shows, but have them covered from the elements.  When I saw those on the front of the building my mind immediately when to those old school posters and thought we should fill in that area.  I’m glad that we did, but the price to print out a few posters in tougher material so we could frame them later was a tad more expensive.

Magnets – Now, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs at getting married properly if we didn’t get magnets.  These magnets are business card size, include a little logo that I came up with for the event and the date in which we got married.

I had fun creating these things for our wedding and we can hold on to them forever.  Shortly we will end up hanging the posters I made with some movie reels that we bought on eBay.  All-in-all if I had to do it all over again I would.  I enjoyed being able to contribute to our big day throughout the whole planning period.

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