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My now wife and I were planning a wedding across the country.  With us living in Phoenix, Arizona and our families back in the Michigan / Ohio area we needed a way to help communicate our plans to our family and friends.  I came up with “A Big Day” as the wedding’s theme including the wedding website, flyers, tickets to the event (of course), logo, posters and so many other things.  If you’ve planned a wedding than you obviously know how important these things are, but how time consuming they can get after you start to reflect the time it actually takes to create them.  Luckily my wife married a “techy” guy and with the expertise I have it really wasn’t all that bad.  She gave her input when needed and I went on and on creating the things I mentioned above.

We still use the A Big Day website.  We are starting to now share photos with our family and friends of the event including the days that lead up to it.  We were married at the Clazel Historic Theater in Bowling Green Ohio on June 7th, 2014 at 3:00 PM.  After the wedding we had our reception at the same place, the Clazel Theater and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  The website actually gained a lot of exposure throughout the planning of the wedding and now it gets a hit here and there.  I know this because I of course track every website I have and I have a very nifty app that displays the Google Analytic information specifically for each site and I can see this information whenever my pondering mind needs to.

I plan on keeping this website and using it as our way to communicate with family and friends that do not have Facebook or any other social media outlet.  I assume it will change and mold into something new, but in the end this website will stay as it… maybe I will just have to come up with a new idea whenever something major happens with us again (such as the wedding).