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This website was a website design I had created in 2007 and typically I do not like going back this far to highlight a portfolio item, but the reason why I thought I would share this specific website with you is to show the creativity with Flash.  Flash isn’t necessarily the most important or relevant way to design a website now however in 2007 it was all the “rage”.  When I created this website for Bengal Construction I wanted to use this website as my stepping stone to better enhance my Flash development skills and the previous owner wanted something like this using Flash specifically.  Since that time I’ve created Flash elements, but I have yet to create another Flash website such as this one.

The main reason why I got away from creating websites like this and more into detail was quite simple, Apple devices do not play well (or honestly, work) with Flash.  When creating websites we must understand that we need to ensure that all of our users will have the same experience.  This already proves difficult when creating new websites and understanding that some users may still be using Internet Explorer 8 with Windows XP.  Windows XP support is no longer helping those with Windows XP however many of its users are still out there.  We as developers and designers are always finding new ways to render new functionality, but sometimes limited to the functionality specific to a certain browser style.  We would not want to be limited even further with Flash and browser choice.

Unfortunately Bengal Construction is no longer in business, but since I developed the website the previous owner did let me still promote it on my own portfolio website.  Enjoy and see what 2007 had to offer as far as technology and compare it to what we can do now.  Its amazing!