Fatman Fabrications Website Development



Since 2012 I’ve been working with Brent Vandervort of Fatman Fabrications to construct a complete website that will help him better sell his product online and inform those who are considering on buying his product. I met Brent through a previous employer and when I had left that company, because of conversations he and I had personally and professionally I contacted him in hopes to get his business and help him get the web exposure that his product deserves. Fresh from the Hot Rod industry myself I knew I would be able to construct a website based on what they called “PIE’s” which is basically a huge spreadsheet specific to descriptions, meta information, pricing and way, way more. Since this website was going to be a “long haul” website I wanted to ensure I know exactly what it took to build a website that Fatman needed to get those Google search results a little more than just an excel spreadsheet.

From his previous website to the current one there are several new functionality additions which included first with the removal of the “catalog” theory website and more of a eCommerce feel instead. Fatman does not openly sell to the public via eCommerce websites directly themselves, but I know that some others within the industry do. When researching the Fatman product more into detail I started to learn how low his products were matching specific to search query’s for his type of product on the market. After several months of assessing I came up with a plan that would put him at the top of many of the search queries for Google.

As of August 2014 Fatman has 189 products available on his website each page with perfect SEO, a technical website (specifically for tech stuff) and a blog website that relates to any releases on products or the company as a whole all with structure and SEO in mind. Throughout this time I’ve been tracking his website to ensure what I am doing, is, in fact the right way to build it and so far we’re still on the right track. Since this project has began any of his products that I have created online have soared quite close to the top, if not at the top of the search results, he has fluid functionality within his SEO, Social Media and within his other two websites not off of the Fatman product website itself.

I currently host the website on my servers. It was built using WordPress and has several really great plugins that assist in the functionality that you will see if you visit the website. At this time, I would say that I am most proud of this website because I was able to see how it was, to what it is now and learn so much about the Fatman Fabrications product. Brent is a great guy to work with and his knowledge of his product is astounding. I know when I have a few more cars sitting in my garage and its time to update my suspension, I’ll proudly choose a Fatman product.